Online Spiritual Gifts Analysis

Instructions for using the inventory

(time:15-20 minutes to take the inventory, a lifetime to use the spiritual gifts.)

  1. There are a total of 115 statements. Read each statement in the inventory. Decide whether you "Strongly Disagree", Disagree Somewhat",
    are "Undecided","Agree Somewhat,or "Strongly Agree" with each statement. Answer spontaneously and honestly.
  2. Only one selection may be made for each statement. All statements must be completed.
  3. Once all selections are made, press the "Assess me!" button at the bottom.
  4. Interpreting the Numbers:
  5. A new page, listing your most popular selections in order, will be presented. You may print it by clicking the "print" button at the bottom.
  6. Adapted from the Spiritual Gifts Inventory developed by Michael Anne Haywood, with much help from Genie Carr, Steve Gambino,
    The Reverend Virginia Herring, Margaret Moore, Marjorie Northup, Mary at Stillpoint and Jean Woods, (c)June 1998.
    Code developed by Greg Wein at
  7. No information collected through this survey is stored anywhere.

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#StatementStrongly DisagreeDisagree SomewhatUndecidedAgree SomewhatStrongly Agree
1I find great joy in leading people to accomplish group goals.
2I feel called to be a leader in the church.
3I look for opportunities to assist people who have trouble doing for themselves.
4I find that the repair and maintenance of things in my environment come easy to me.
5It seems easy to perceive whether what a person is doing is honest or dishonest.
6I enjoy sharing about God with people who are not church-goers.
7I enjoy motivating people to a higher spiritual committment.
8I try to do God's will, even when it's not the popular thing to do.
9It is very satisfying to me to give generously of my money for God's work.
10I enjoy the opportunity to pray with and for a person who is physically ill.
11I like having people in my home.
12I seem to recognize prayer needs instinctively.
13I enjoy learning new things of all kinds.
14I feel great compassion for the problems of others.
15I adapt easily in a culture different from mine.
16I like to sing hymns and songs either alone or with other people.
17I enjoy having the responsibility of leading other people in their spiritual life.
18I am ready to try the impossible, because I have great trust in God.
19I like to talk about spirituality with other Christians.
20I enjoy doing "chores" around the church.
21I'm excited in helping people to discover important insights in the scriptures.
22I communicate easily with people of a different culture or language background.
23People with spiritual problems have come to me for advice and counsel.
24People seem to enjoy following my leadership in undertaking an important task.
25I feel that God gives me wisdom in leading people in spiritial matters.
26I enjoy helping with the emergency tasks around the church.
27I have enjoyed creating various kinds of arts and/or crafts.
28I seem to have a sense of the direction in which God is leading.
29I seem able to sense when the Spirit is leading a person to realize the Holy in their lives.
30I have a knack for bringing out the best in others.
31I'm willing to keep trying, even when the task is tedious and seems unending.
32I share my posessions with others willingly.
33I have prayed with a person who was in distress, and the person was comforted.
34I do not feel uncomfortable when people drop in unexpectedly.
35I pray for others often for significant periods of time.
36Through study I have learned many helpful insights.
37Visiting people in retirement homes or the hospital gives me a great satisfaction.
38It is easy for me to move into a new community and make friends.
39God has given me the ability to play a musical instrument and I enjoy it.
40It is exciting to provide spititual leadership for a congregation.
41I am often ready to believe God will lead us through a situaton which others feel is impossible.
42I like to share Scripture to comfort or encourage others.
43I enjoy doing routine tasks for the glory of God.
44I have enjoyed teaching individuals and/or classes.
45I derive spiritual meaning from music, art or nature.
46I enjoy helping another to find solutions to difficult problems in life.
47I like to organize people for more effective ministry.
48I have little fear in leading people in spiritual matters.
49 I don't mind helping people who are sick or disabled.
50I like to create things with my hands.
51I seem to have a knack for sensing the difference between truth and error.
52I am drawn to share my faith in God with others.
53I like to encourage inactive church members to become involved again.
54I am sure of God's loving presence, even when things go wrong.
55I appreciate the opportunity to give of my skills and energy in a critical situation.
56I feel called to be a part of the healing ministry of the church.
57People seem to feel very comfortable in my home.
58God consistently answers my prayers in tangible ways.
59I have learned much about God from Scripture, books and observing life.
60I sense joy in comforting people in difficult situations.
61I am able to relate to and communicate with people of different locations or cultures.
62I have enjoyed being involved with Church, school and/or local musical productions.
63I like to assist people with their spiritual problems.
64I believe that when I am doing God's will, God can and does work through me.
65I enjoy relating God's Word to the issues of the day and sharing this with others.
66When there is something to be done for the church, I'm glad to help, but I don't want to be in charge.
67It seems that people learn readily when I teach them.
68I can communicate well with people who are limited by a physical or mental handicap.
69I seem to be able to help people find the truths they seek.
70I like the challenge of making important decisions.
71I appreciate the opportunity to share God's word with others.
72One of my ministries is helping other people to bear their burdens.
73I like to spend time and money improving and beautifying things in God's creation.
74I have helped people to discover God's will in their lives.
75I have sometimes shared spiritual experiences with a neighbor who doesn't attend church.
76People who are feeling perplexed often come to me for encouragement and comfort.
77When everyone is discouraged -- even me -- I still trust God.
78If I cannot give much money to support God's work, I give generously of my time.
79I feel peace when I am with a person who is sick or injured.
80When missionaries or church leaders come to our church I like (or would like) to have them come to my home.
81I faithfully pray for others recognizing that their effectiveness and total well-being depends on God.
82Knowledge of the Bible and of church teachings helps me to solve problems in daily life and in the life of the church.
83People seem to think I am a kind, compassionate person.
84The thought of beginning a new church in a new community is exciting to me.
85I feel secure that my musical ability will be of benefit to other people with whom I come in contact.
86People like to bring their troubles & concerns to me because they feel I care.
87People seem to think of me as one who believes that with God everything is possible.
88It is important for me to speak out against wrong when I see it in the world.
89I find more satisfaction in doing a job myself than in finding someone else to do it.
90One of the joys of my ministry is training people to be more effective in living out their faith.
91I can make sense of specialized information (like computers, blueprints, accounting, or others).
92I feel that I have insight in selecting workable alternatives in difficult situations.
93When I am in a disorganized group, I tend to be the first one to step forward to get us organized.
94I enjoy training workers in the congregation.
95If a family is facing a serious crisis, I enjoy the opportunity to help them.
96I find pleasure in designing, creating or decorating things.
97I often look beneath the surface and discover richer meanings.
98I feel a deep concern for the people in my community who have not been attracted by the church.
99I am sort of like a cheerleader, cheering others on when they are doing something well.
100Even when it seems that my prayer isn't answered, I keep praying.
101I give sacrificially of my time, talents and resources because I know that God will meet my needs.
102I feel strongly that my prayers for a sick person are important.
103I have opened my home to someone in need.
104I find myself praying even while I am doing other things.
105I find it an enjoyable challenge to read and study a difficult book of the Bible.
106I find great satisfaction in visiting people who are confined to their homes.
107I have a strong desire to meet people of other communities and countries and to talk about our respective understandings of God.
108I have a knack for selecting appropriate and inspiring music for worship services or for parish events.
109I enjoy a close relationship with people in a one to one situation.
110I will take on a difficult task for the church, because God will give me the ability to see it through.
111I feel called to stand up for what is right even if it irritates others.
112I like to do things without attracting much attention.
113It is easy to organize materials for teaching a Bible class.
114I have a knack for foreign languages -- or ASL or Braille.
115I have confidence in dealing with problems.